Don’t let other people tell you what to do with your life and don’t be afraid to fail. They go hand in hand. If you try and fail, at least you know you failed because you couldn’t do it, and not because you never tried. You’ll be happier with the person you end up being. After all, the grass is usually greener on the other side because the other side is fertilized with bullshit. It’s better to find that out for yourself.
I’ve had lots of happy moments. I’ve been lucky. But I always think the happiest moment hasn’t happened yet. I’m talking about the queen of happy moments. The biggie. The unfathomable. The epitome of happiness. The only thing is, I worry that when it comes along I won’t recognize it. It’ll be flashing away there at the edge of my vision and I’ll be looking so hard that I’ll just let it float right by.
Carol Shields, The Republic of Love (via bookmania)